• Responsibility for our employees


    The Prolignis Group is an active company that is constantly developing, changing and positioning itself: for the health of people and health of the environment.

    For us, this is our mission and what drives us forward. We want to make genuine contributions to the energy transition and conservation of resources to halt climate change – as a trendsetter and pioneer.


Work and partnerships at the Prolignis Group are based on appreciation and support. Employee benefits are part of this, just as much as a pleasant work environment and strong cohesion. Each person in our dynamic and motivated team plays an important role – including you!

Development opportunities

*We are gender-neutral. The following text refers to people of all genders.


  • Interns*

    Theory is good, practical implementation is better. At many universities, a compulsory internship is required to apply and deepen theoretical knowledge. An internship offers both students and us to discover opportunities, strengths and potential.
  • Student trainees

    Student trainees work in our company alongside their studies. Ideally, the activities they perform will match the content of their studies and will help to guide their later development. Work times can be adapted flexibly to fit around study periods to ensure both components are connected in the best way possible.
  • Theses

    In connection with theses, students answer academic questions that are relevant to our company. This allows aspiring graduates to gain valuable practical experience and to receive fascinating insights, while receiving comprehensive supervision support at the same time.
  • Trainee programme

    Our trainee programme includes a wide range of areas that can be tackled after your studies. This will help you to get your bearings. Our trainees usually receive a position with responsibility after completing the programme.
  • Ideas
    Tobias Söltl
    Managing director
    “I completed the entire development programme at Prolignis. In 2010, I came to Prolignis during my studies as an intern. I’m now a manager at Prolignis Unternehmensentwicklung GmbH and can contribute and implement my own ideas to move the Prolignis Group forward.”
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  • Dedicated specialist unit
    Leonhard Wobbe
    Authorised officer
    “I was able to gain my first career experience as part of my degree. After I wrote my thesis in 2014, I went through the trainee programme and have now built up my own specialist unit with responsibility for hiring staff.”
    2 / 4
  • Joining Prolignis through the trainee programme
    Julia Thalhammer
    Quality management officer
    “I joined Prolignis by way of the trainee programme. This gave me insights into different parts of the Group. Consequently, I was able to develop my own strengths and specialise in my focus areas of quality management and certification.”
    3 / 4
  • Entry via practical semester
    Florian Schechinger
    Senior Consultant
    “As an intern, student trainee and Bachelor’s student during my degree, I was able to apply the knowledge I had gained at Prolignis. Following a trainee programme in project and operations management, I am now the head of project management for various energy projects as a Senior Consultant.”
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Working environment

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