Healthy energy
for a secure future

Prolignis supply concepts are viable, because they are socially, environmentally and economically secure.

We take responsibility

Prolignis biomass energy plants operate climate positive. Thereby we take responsibility for our environment, economy and society.

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Our regional supply concepts deliver affordable energy

Our focus is renewable energy. This provides our customers with independence from developments in oil and gas markets and increased self-determination regarding the domestic energy supply.

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We offer a powerful concept for healthy success.

Prolignis stands for a technically, organizationally and economically optimized biomass supply; the result is regenerative heat and green power for a secure and affordable future.

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Das sagen andere über uns

"Energy from wood does not only close the natural cycle of materials, it also generates added value in the region and substitutes fossil fuels, thus contributing towards a deceleration of global climate change."

— Mr. Prof. Dr. rer. silf. Bernhard Zimmer

"The experts at Prolignis provide expertise, experience and a clear customer focus. Furthermore we appreciate the trustful, reliable and success-oriented cooperation. With Prolignis we have the ideal partner to implement our goals."

— Mr. Kutschker, Managing director at Stadtwerke Kelheim

„Providing RAL-certified ashes for the production of fertilizers is an important component within the nutrient cycle. Prolignis masters the resulting challenges in quality and process management exemplary.“

— Dr. Rainer Schrägle, Chairman Bundesgütegemeinschaft Holzasche