Performance quality with personality.

As energy service provider, we plan, build and run biomass energy plants as operational an commercially viable businesses.

We offer direction.

Strategists, Visionaries and Entepreneurs with Passion.

Consulting & Development

Tobias Mayinger

Operation & Optimisation

Helmut Hoffmann

Finance & Investment

Ernst Haile

"A broad knowledge, healthy growth, regional concepts - that work worldwide: this is the Prolignis basis. And the Prolignis future."


The Team

Our energy is our enthusiasm.

Tobias Mayinger

Member of the Executive Board

Ernst Haile

Member of the Executive Board

Ivonne Briceño

Internationales Projektmanagement

Andrea Christl


Martina Heering

Sekretariat Geschäftsleitung Teamassistenz

Helmut Hoffmann

Corporate development Projectmanagement

Ulf Junger

Senior-Consultant Projectmanagement

Wolfgang Krug

Head of International Projectmanagement

Karin Plank

Management Support

Herbert Ruhwedel

Head of HolzEnergieWerk Melsungen

 Florian Schechinger

Consultant Projectmanagement

Otto Schwarzmann

Senior-Consultant Projektmanagement

Tobias Söltl

Leiter Controlling, IT, Marketing

Julia Thalhammer

Consultant Projektmanagement

Leonhard Wobbe

Logistics & Organization

Advisory board

Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernd Wagner (Chairman)
Chairman Wissenschaftszentrum Umwelt, University of Augsburg
consults Prolignis in the subjects of sustainability, strategy and eco-friendly business management

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Zörner
Professor for construction and development, FH Ingolstadt
consults Prolignis in the subjects of bio-technologies, energy efficiency and conception

Dr. Andreas Wiese
Managing Director Gopa-Intec GmbH
consutlts Prolignis in the subjects of technical engineering, renewable energies and profitability/environment

Dr. Jan Dittmann
Attorney, Heussen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
consults Prolignis in the subjects of legal support for project development of renewable Energies

Dr. Walter Döring
former Minister for Economic Affairs, Business Consultant
consults Prolignis in the subjects of location marketing and EU-sponsorship/subsidy programs

Michael Wimmer
Head of Trading & Sales Bonds, Bankhaus Lampe
consults Prolignis in the subject of structuring of bond and equity placements

Klaus Kirschenhofer
Entrepreneur in the fields of business and project financing as well as investments in tangible assets

FH-Prof. Dr. rer. silv. Bernhard Zimmer
Bavarian Institute for Sustainable Development (; Founder and Managing Owner

Dr. Harald Textor
Head of Forestry WAF, Forestry Director, Managing Director WAF München


To develop is to grow. With experience and responsibilty.


Positioning of Prolignis as a brand business


International roll-out of Prolignis' expertise


Start of construction of the biomass plant in Melsungen
Takeover of the entire project and operations management


Expansion of business fields
from a classic energy consultancy to operations-and investment management


Successful participation in a European tendering process
for the construction and commissioning of a biomass cogeneration plant in Zwickau, Germany, Project initiator: Prolignis


Project management assignment for the identfication of a location, construction and commissioning six biomass cogenerations plants in Germany

Company founding and founding history
A first biomass energy plant emerged based on a private entrepreneurial initiative in Ingolstadt in 2004 with an investment of €25M. Tobias Mayinger and Ernst Haile wanted to retain the experience, knowledge and the partner network from this project. They develop a business model which bundles the required expertise and can be applied to other locations. Prolignis is founded.