Safe energy for a secure future 

Competent energy management

Prolignis project manages, builds and runs HolzEnergieWerke that produce electricity and heat. Their expertise has been built over many years; from planning and financing right through to production and the optimisation of all requisite processes. All of this equates to sustainable energy production at affordable prices for you the customer. And dependable returns for investors. Most importantly - a safe and secure future for both our environment and society as a whole.

The Prolignis benefits


Prolignis offers environmentally friendly energy production; at a technical level, the production competence and the experience of specialist service providers.


Come and work with Prolignis; independent of other energy- and electricity suppliers and therefore freer in all production decisions.


As a stable and healthy enterprise, Prolignis is prepared to accompany you on every level: financial, ecological and social

Wood is wunderful

"Our energy concepts facilitate an environmentally friendly and sound economic use of resources, while taking the full needs of society into account." Ernst Haile, Managing Director and Shareholder

— Ernst Haile, Managing Director

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